HEROIN DETOX CLINIC: 24/7 medical care to make the kicking of heroin and other drugs easy

The EASY HEROIN DETOX Facility provides Rapid Opiate Detox in 5 to7 days.
It offers intensive opioid detox along with withdrawal prevention and protection. Comfortable private accommodation provided.

HEROIN DETOX CLINIC: heroin addict from Greece is now off opiates without suffering from cold turkey

Why do patients from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and even Australia choose the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC?
We offer:
1. Rapid opioid detox at low cost.
2. A high quality EASY HEROIN DETOX which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy, without experiencing withdrawal such as “cold turkey” symptoms.
3. Pharmacological sleep in the active phase of the rapid opioid detox followed by a normal night’s sleep thereafter.
4. Absolute safety of treatment at the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC: no risky and expensive interventions, procedures and medications.
5. Unique personal EASY HEROIN DETOX model for each patient, based on preliminary diagnostics, constant monitoring of one’s condition and therapy correction.
6. Availability of free WI-FI for personal amusement or communication with loved ones. Cable TV and reading material also provided.
7. Very friendly and professional medical staff at the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC, ready to help at all times.
8. A la carte meals are ordered from the local restaurants and served in your room. Vegetarian meals are also available.
9. Ongoing quality control of the EASY HEROIN DETOX programme as well as the absence of drug levels in the body which are verified by special drug test kits.
10. Upon discharge from the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC you not only get medical advice but a package of medications to ensure a good sleep, mood and physical state when returning home.

The HEROIN DETOX CLINIC is not only specialized in working with patients from UK and Ireland, but with English speaking clients coming from many other countries like The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Belgium.
Your admission to our Heroin Detox Clinics for opioid detox program can be organised with 24hrs. Feel free to check out our step-by-step process.
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