12-months Naltrexone Implant: the musician from Norway on his abstinence with Naltrexone protection

Naltrexone implant maintenance (costs from 500 GBP) is recommended after the EASY HEROIN DETOX. This will help:

  • To protect opioid receptors from drugs by using a heroin blocker
  • To decrease cravings for heroin and other psychological problems common in abstinence
  • To prevent opioid addiction relapse without the need for isolation at a camp or rehab etc.
  • Maintain stable remission at the beginning of the recovery process

1-year Heroin Blocker for 1850 GBP: patient from London (UK) on his 12-months Naltrexone chip

Our patients from UK, Ireland and USA prefer cost-effective heroin detox followed by long-acting Naltrexone implants (Naltrexone pellets for 6 months cost 1150 GBP and for 12 months 1850 GBP). The opioid receptor blocker allows them to immediately calm down, relax and not worry about heroin addiction relapse or taking care of their daily Revia, Antaxon, Nalorex or Naltrexone hydrochloride tablet intake.

Almost immediately after the Naltrexone pellet fitting, the majority of patients report improved mood and decreased heroin cravings. Then calmness, confidence, a good night’s sleep, healthy appetite and an optimistic view of the future follow. Many quickly begin positive planning for the future and start working on making their dreams come true. Naltrexone implant maintenance helps to stop feelings of doubt andbeing afraid of the future. It helps clients to but to work towards achievement, knowing that the road back to drugs is closed.

In addition to long-acting Naltrexone implants, there are liquid formulas of opiate blocker available – Naltrexone injections. Vivitrol and Naltrexone (in oil) injections provide 1 month of heroin blockade. Thus, Vivitrol injections should be administrated 12 times a year. Naltrexone injectable is recommended in cases when subcutaneous Naltrexone pellet is contraindicated.

Pain-free Detox from Suboxone followed by Naltrexone blocker. The story from Newcastle (England, UK)

Naltrexone hydrochloride tablets are recommended to be taken in addition to the Naltrexone implant during thoseshort periods of timewhen it’s necessary to reinforce the anti-heroin protection and overcome cravings for heroin (in combination with other treatments).

When completing your opiate detox program at our EASY HEROIN DETOX CLINIC, the results are routinely controlled with drugs tests. This allows Naltrexone implant maintenance administration to take place, along with other anti-relapse treatments.

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