An ex heroin user from Manchester (UK) on his EASY HEROIN DETOX and Naltrexone pellet fitting

What makes Heroin Detox easy and affordable at the same time?

There are no opiate withdrawals (”cold turkey”) because pharmacological prevention takes place well in advance. Preliminary protection from cold-turkey symptoms makes the kicking away of opiates easy and comfortable.

The patient falls in a pharmacologically induced sleep from the very beginning of the EASY HEROIN DETOX, with no discomfort. Our method does not make use of expensive and risky total anaesthesia procedures, probes, catheters or unpleasant infestations. After the patient wakes up, they will feel normal, capable of functioning normally and able to eat and communicate. There may be just a slight feeling of fatigue and drowsiness in the first couple of days.

A unique and bespoke opiate detox scheme is created for each person individually, taking into account personal characteristics, condition of health, use of any opiates and other drug abuse history.
Our personal drug detox model allows us to predict, prevent and quickly eliminate cold turkey symptoms. It will be necessary to inform our detox medical team regarding the state of your health prior to admission to the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC.

Tried soft drugs at the age 10. Addicted to heroin by age 20. First opiate detox at age 30. US patient from LA.

What makes admission to the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC easy?

Usually there are no waiting lists as we almost always have rooms ready and available.

The preliminary consultation, diagnostic procedure and organisation of admission onto the drugs detox programme at the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC are done quickly and professionally. There are no advance payments, deposits or paid consultations. You have the right to change your plans. We adapt to suit you.

Medical staff are always friendly and realistic: there will be no complex conditions or arrogant requirements for admission to the EASY HEROIN DETOX. We are constantly interested and take into account your requests, finding the ways to facilitate and optimize the entire process step-by-step.

Fear of pain and other opiate withdrawal symptoms prevented this person based in the UK to get off heroin. Read his feedback after taking part in the EASY HEROIN DETOX.

What makes leaving the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC easy?

Our patient has the freedom to complete their opioid detox in time or ahead of schedule. You come to the clinic willingly and may voluntarily leave the clinic. You won’t be persuaded to undergo additional treatments or procedures. On the day of discharging from the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC, you can order follow-up medicines and take them with you.