EASY HEROIN DETOX step by step: Londoner’s kicking off
heroin experience

Quitting heroin in 72 hours: easy, pain-free, low-cost. Kick
off drugs while sleeping

Heroin daily intake 10-12 grams :how to kick a heavy drug
habit in 7 days (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)


  • After learning about our EASY HEROIN DETOX FACILITY from your friends or by searching the internet, contact us by e-mail heroindetoxuk@gmail.com, phone +44 20 3289 8289 or by filling out the contact form
  • The next step is a preliminary diagnostic. We will mail you a short questionnaire along with preliminary information regarding the costs and other organization details (please check your spam/junk mail box!).
  • After having received information about your personal situation, we will be able to give you a detailed detox programme plan.
  • The next step is setting up the admission/discharge dates.
  • Afterwards, you will send us your flight itinerary by e-mail.
  • You will be picked up from the airport Nikola Tesla at Arrivals (our Program Manager will be holding a tag with your name on it) and transferred to our EASY HEROIN DETOX FACILITY (Should you be having some cold turkey symptoms, you will get relieving therapy immediately).
  • Transfer to the EASY HEROIN DETOX FACILITY will take 50min approx.
  • Upon arrival to the EASY HEROIN DETOX CLINIC, the medical assessment begins; paperwork and payment will take place (ECG, blood and urine tests will follow).
  • You will be accommodated in your private room and start receiving the therapy.
  • You will be under 24/7 medical supervision. Pharmacological sleep is ensured. Powerful cold turkey symptoms will be prevented. Opiate detox will take place by the means of IV’s and individually chosen medications.
  • Soft transition will take place from sleepiness and relaxation to normal functionality and activity. You are able to read, watch TV, surf the internet and communicate with your loved ones.
  • A drug tests screening will be carried out, showing that your body is 100% opiate free.
  • Medical recommendations will be given in English along with the details of follow up medications.
  • Discharge from the EASY HEROIN DETOX CLINIC will take place at the end of your treatment.
  • Transfer to the NALTREXONE CLINIC will take place (if applicable) or to the airport.


  • You will be allowed to smoke in your room, watch cable TV and use WI-FI on your laptop or tablet.
  • You will be offered 3 meals a day ordered at one of the local restaurants. Should you require anything additional like candies and cigarettes, you just have to place an order with our staff and it will be arranged for you. (Note: these are your personal expenses and are not included in the total price).
  • Detox follow up medications are not included in the total price (about 25GBP)
  • Flights costs are not included in the total price