An affordable HEROIN DETOX PROGRAM from only 1300 GBP.

METHADONE+HEROIN DETOX for 1300 GBP: A person from the Netherlands on his low-cost opioid detoxification programme.

A lady from Ireland on her budget HEROIN+METHADONE DETOX programme: no “cold turkey” and no insomnia.

How to save money with affordable EASY HEROIN DETOX?

  • Consultations by phone +44 20 3289 8289 and e-mail:
  • Free preliminary diagnostic to plan your personal EASY HEROIN DETOX programme
  • Free organisation of your admission to the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC without prepayments, deposits or any other liabilities from your side
  • Low cost EASY HEROIN DETOX in 5 to 7 in-patient days. EASY HEROIN DETOX is a budget rapid opioid detoxification treatment as it uses smart pharmacological technologies, medical equipment and professional medical staff. All are necessary in order to detox you from heroin. Expensive diagnostics and treatment procedures are not to be expected. There will be no tennis, golf, polo, swimming pool or spa. You receive only what you actually need during the opioid detox period.
  • You will have a private room with cable TV and Wi-Fi.
  • Inexpensive heroin blockers (long-acting Naltrexone pellets) are also available. You can book Naltrexone implant maintenance for 3, for 6 and even for 12 months. The price of a 3 months Naltrexone implant including the Naltrexone implant fitting procedure is 500 pounds (550 euros or 650 USD). You save more than you pay for purchasing the cheapest 3-months Naltrexone blocker.
  • We provide cost- effective pharmacological follow-up treatment for a couple of weeks, before you make an appointment with your GP to get prescriptions of local medicines (if required).
  • Low cost flights, transportation and accommodation provided for your loved ones if accompanying you to the HEROIN DETOX CLINIC.
  • Free transfer from the airport, train or bus station if you order beforehand.
  • Cost basis of the EASY HEROIN DETOX is 1300 pounds or 1450 euros.
  • We don’t waste your money on our commercials and expensive marketing campaigns. We don’t employ too many doctors or other medical specialists or personnel. Your personal detox specialist takes care of you together with nursesand only they are responsible for you. Other medical specialists are on call to see you when needed. It’s very important for us to help you save during your EASY HEROIN DETOX programme and to direct your funds towards Naltrexone maintenance and other personal goals.
  • We are very interested inyour opinion and appreciate your ideas on how to make the LOW COST HEROIN DETOX even more comfortable and inexpensive. Feel free to tell us about your opioid addiction experience (heroin habit) at and our doctors will offer you your personal cost-effective EASY HEROIN DETOX programme.